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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 7, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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out and the gas builds and it finds a pocket, there is a possibility of exposure. >> reporter: captain doss says they are letting it free flow to prevent that. pge crews are here. it is unclear when they will have that gasoline secured. we know at least 50 firefighters were out here battling the fire this afternoon. luckily, there are no injuries to report. liz. >> betty, thank you. a viewer sent us this video. you can see the plumes of smoke coming from the homes. thiswas earlier this afternoon. now, in a separate fire in san jose, a body was found inside this burned motor home. police have roped off the area as a crime scene. though investigators are still trying to figure out how that fire started. an unusual crime shocks a san francisco neighborhood. overnight, a ewe of suspects did this. they-- group of suspects overturnd this, over turned a bunch smart cars. as brian webb tells us, the car
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owners tell us it was probably a stupid prank. >> reporter: this one back here still on its side i. has created quite a buzz around hire. even caused a few minor traffic tie ups in this scene that is so san francisco. >> there are no cows in san francisco's neighborhood so someone took to tipping cars. >> i said we can put it back because the enrolleeses won't know what happened. then i was like, i amount attorney. >> four cars were -- i am an owner. >> two cars were flip -- four cars were flipped, confusing a compass, creating a local tourist attraction, and ending this rabbit's foot run of good luck. one witness said he saw the pack of hooded hoodlums in action. >> ill thought they looked like they were up to no good -- i thought they looked like they were up to no.
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go sure enough, they lift up this smart car and set it on its hind leggings. >> these cars weigh less than half of your average car. for a few guys to tip one over, no big deal. this youtube video shows a group of guys flipping a smart car with ease. shelley isn't the car owner. she was watching it after the owner's father died. >> they don't realize is they are adding to stress of losing, you know, parent. >> so, even if all of this started as a prank with small coarse replacing sleeping cows -- cars replacing sleeping cows can, it is a crime. and, besides, no one in this neighborhood thinks it's funny. >> i feel guilty because i'm the one who is responsible. >> reporter: the rightful owner, wendy, said she planned to come back to san francisco to sell the car this summer. she said that her father was so proud to buy it and to go
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green. >> yeah, brian. you referred to the cow tipping phenomena we have seen. any idea why people are doing this all of a sudden? >> reporter: there is some talk around here and on the internet. might be aing the backlash. easier than tipping over a google bus, that kind of thing. until we catch the guys who did this, nobody will know for sure. >> messing with innocent people had nothing to do with anything. that is a shame. >> reporter: exactly. >> brian webb in san francisco. thank you. surveillance captures a brazen thief making off with a lap top and a phone from a customer in a san francisco coffee shop. this woman in the striped shirt bias her coffee, then sits down. soon, she casually gets up, goes to the unattended lap top and phone, picks them up and i casually walks out the front door. a thief. the victim says she lost months worth of work. police have not found that woman. developing news.
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crews have suspended the search for a missing hiker. kpix 5's linda yee reports they found no signs of her. >> reporter: with no new evidence or leads to follow, search and rescue crews have called off the efforts. the woman has been missing since friday. the 33-year-old of menlo park was last seen last friday. authorities say shed left a message earlier that day and said she was going for a hike. a car rented in her name was later found abandoned in the parking lot. family members did fight back tears saying they are still hoping she will turn up. >> she would not give up if she was in a difficult situation. she would fight. >> authorities have handed out pamphlets to park visitors. the mountain is thousands of square acres and its terrain is thick with brush. they say it is like searching
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for a needle in a hay stack. more than 100 searchers have been helping in the effort and aren't giving up the hope that she could still be found. i'm linda yee kpix 5. >> anyone with information about her disappearance is asked to contact the marin county sheriff's department. meanwhile, the coast guard will not charge a family rescued in the pacific ocean after their baby daughter got sick. they received a lot of backlash after trying to sail around the world with their two daughters. their 1-year-old got sick two weeks ago into the voyage and their sailboat lost steering. a national guard team helped in the rescue. the child is now in stable condition. the family will arrive in san diego on wednesday. new at 5:00. after 20 years of debeaver what to do with some -- years of deciding what to do, kb homes is building hundred new houses at patterson ranch in freemont.
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kpix 5's len ramirez tells us about silicon valley's large development site for single family homes. >> it's one of the last wide opentracks of open land in freemont, but it won't stay empty for long. kb homes is bet big on the housing market here and will soon start the construction of patterson ranch. >> it is extremely rare in the bay area, which is very land constrained, to see something of this size and scope come through. >> it is the kind of project that makes a statement. kb homes says it is investing more than $200 million buzz considers it safe bet. >> the market is clearly stabilize. interest rates are still favorable. there is a lot of pinned up demands, especially in a place like freemont. >> it will be five different neighborhood five lot sizes. homes will range from 1700 square feet four-story 3400 square feet with prices close to a million dollars each. >> you will see buyers coming
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from all over. >> freemont real estate broker says the location will appeal to silicon valley workers on both sides of the bay. >> one of the nice things about freemont, it is very centrally located. so this particular location will be bring people from the peninsula to work as well as silicon valley. >> kb will start selling the houses early next year. len ramirez kpix 5. >> the community will feature three parks, an orchard and sports courts. we have learned that a well- known chef is among those injured in yesterday's deadly head-on crash. she is a long time restaurant owner in st. helena. she was in this suffer when the on coming chevy crossed over the center line. that crash killed a 4-year-old boy. the boy's mother and three
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others including palson were injured. unclear high the chevy swerved. piles of ashes and burn wood are what's left of the -- burned wood are what's left of the mission building in flames last month. fire officials are expected to release a report tomorrow about how that fire started. it burned down to the concrete garage which still stands today. it costs more to cross the golden gate bridge startinged to. this is just the beginning -- starting today. rates will increase by a quarter every year for the next four years. this, says the golden gate bridge disstrict, helps a deficit over the next five crease. rich chasing out the poor -- years. rich chasing out the poor. the report that says it is hurting our health.
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if this comes to pass that the boxes are down there, this will be the most amazing search and recovery effort ever. >> hope in the search of the missing malaysian plane. the most promising lead yet, and the next step that needs to happen fast. some of you today were 3 degrees away from hitting 90 degrees. even at the coast. ocean bench pacifica, close to 80 degrees today. we will talk about why it's happening and how much longer it's going to last, coming up. and, who wants to marry a millionaire bay area style? the best neighborhoods for snagging a wealthy bachelor or bachelorette. ,,,,,,,,
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recall.. is back open. animal rights activists demonstrated out the petaluma slaughter house in the middle of a nationwide beef recall is back open. protesters were outside today protesting animal cruelty at the slaughter house which reopened this morning under new
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management and new name, marin sun farms. it promises higher standards, but protesters aren't so sure. >> we're just showing people this is what it is in there. it is a blood bath. they are killing living beings. >> the corporation closed two months after the usda accused it of processing sick cows. the company maintains it did nothing wrong. it's being called the most promising lead so far in that desperate search for the missing malaysia plane. search crews have detectived pings consistent with sounds from the black boxes. officials say they detected two distinct finger frequencies. the fist signal lasted for two hours 20 minutes. the second one, for 13 minutes. it could take days to determine if those signals are connected to flight 370. navy specialists are trying to pick up the signal again by towing these finger locater escorted. even if they reconnect tracing the frequency back to the source could be a difficult
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task. >> we found trebles in a straight line. acoustic energy. sound through the water is greatly affected by temperature. that has the effect of bending sometimes to 90 degrees sound waves. >> if the signal is reacquired, crews would send down a sonar vehicle that would map the ocean floor and detect any wreckage. the battery life on the black boxes last about 30 days and tomorrow is the one month mark. the fort hood soldier suspected of killing three people and hurting 16 others began his rampage after an argument related to taking leave. military investigators say ivan lopez started his shooting spree within minutes of that argument. one of the soldiers killed and at least one of the soldiers wounded had been involved in that argument. the army has not released the circumstances behind the request for leave. a new mud slide in washington on the same hillside that gave way last month.
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a helicopter caught the brand new landslide on cam r. look to the right of your screen and you can see dirt and a tree tumble down. screologists were just feet away from the new slide checking the stability of the remaining hillside. the death toll from march's mud slide hit 33 today. 10 people are still missing. new york's finest. let the fist fly. the brawl at a game that was supposed to be for charity. and, is your sushi what it claims to be? the push to crack down on fish fraud in restaurants and grocery stores. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bay area out of their old neighborhoods. new at 5:00, new money is pushing more and more people in the bay area out of their old neighborhoods. kpix 5 reporter phil matier explains why some are now considering a health issue and which areas are most susceptible. phil. >> reporter: that's right. you know, when it comes to issues in the bay area, gentrification. it is neighborhoods that are turned into gated communities. it has been called an economic problem, a social problem, and
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now it is being built as a health problem as well. here is the story. >> when folks are just forced to move, being heavily stressed. >> that is just one of the findings of a new report coauthored by the alameda department of health on the down sides of gentrification. a topic that might be right up there with climate change as the next big bay area issue. >> people being pushed out of family or social networks. sometimes people are pushed out of neighborhoods where they might have had access to health services. >> the report also targeted gentrification hot spots like north and west oaklandings. it says that even high crime east oakland could be next. none of this, however, is news to i don't know than bean who says he was pushed out of his home of 17 years and unalives in antioch. >> my old coca-cola factory, i saw it developed into a loft area where a lot of high end lofts are now in beated community. >> rents are also going up
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fastener those areas than in the more affluent foothills. >> the rent was about 1100 to $1,200. it increased to about $1,800. >> and that was just the start of the change. >> a lot of the homeowners decided to sell. move where it was cheaper, stockton, sacramento. >> you have a whole new group moving into oakland because oakland is the stern of transportation. then, there is another factor that comes into play. african americans are no different than anyone else. they don't feel safe in the flat lands of east oakland. >> reporter: so what's the real point of reports like this? well, it's to lay the ground work for political arguments coming up all over alameda county as gentrification more and more relevant. and, the idea is next time somebody wants to develop an old coca-cola factory into high- priced lofts, they are going to have to include something for the neighborhood as well.
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in oakland, phil matier comix. >> since 1990 african american ownership in north oakland has been cut in half. it has dropped from 50% to 25%. san francisco's minimum wage could go up to $15 an hour. ed to labor activist fought to get that on the winter ballot. they would get the highest minimum wage in the country if this passes. large companies would have until 2016 to increase their wage. companies with fewer than 100 employees would have an extra year. another ugly day on wall street. a third in a row. investors are moving out of areas that did pretty well last year such as internet, social media and bio tech stocks. the now, nasdaq and s&p all fell today. california lawmaker escorted want to make sure the fish you buy is the real thing. new study found 40% of seafood were mislabeled. a new law proposed would
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require labels identifying the species by its common name. the proposed bill would also create criminal penalties for anyone selling mislabeled seafood. i heard salmon season opened and they were bringing in record catches. >> reporter: yeah. >> we could not have lucked out more than the weather. >> reporter: for a while looks like we had too much sun and too much rainfalle rain. let's get outside and enjoy sunshine. plenty of it today. beautiful shot from the pyramid looking north. angel island. we have it all covered there. nothing but blue skies. look up toward marin. look at these highs. saratoga 87 degrees today. pittsburgh you were 4 degrees shy of 90. pacifica, you hit 80 degrees. back to santa rosa and the north bay. that 84 degrees you hit today was the warmest day in about half the year. have to go back to october 19th
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the last time you were that warm. i asked for your pictures of what's blooming in your yard. karen fluorescent beautiful picture of a crap apple -- florez sent this beautiful picture of a crab apple tree. santa rosa, you will be one of the cooler spots down to 46 degrees. as for why this is happening, it is a big strong ridge of high pressure. we get out all winter long which we shouldn't have, but this time of year, fairly common. high pressure giving us a light offshore wind and some pretty warm weather today. two things are going to happen as we get past tomorrow, which will be another warm and dry day. the ring moves down to the south and east. that will induce a light on shore flow. not as warm starting wednesday. now that we move into southern california, not with any rainfall, but kind of ups the
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ante of that on shore flow dropping our temperatures even more. after we hit our peak temperature-wise tomorrow, we will be drop off considerably. then the on shore flow comes back. we ear cooler on wednesday and thursday. then, widespread cloud cover thursday and friday. tomorrow, 61 degrees above average for both concord and san jose. oakland 14 degrees above average. campbell, you will hit 85. freemont, 80 tomorrow. mainly sunny skies. antioch and pittsburgh, mid 80s. vallejo 82. a little cooler in the city tomorrow. san francisco 75 but still plenty warm. up north, widespread 80s. lake county also. we're trailing off a bit. wednesday and thursday, a little cloudier, too. for the weekend, we will really tap into that on shore flow, but still, staying cry and staying mild. cooling down to 76 degrees, you know we're pretty warm. >> it was beautiful today. >> reporter: gorgeous. and the warmth was every where.
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>> that is a transformation from last week. >> reporter: yeah. >> all right. thanks. a new match for match making. where the singles have the best chance of snagging the most eligible bay area bachelors and bachelorettes. ,,
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it's like two deals in one. volkswagen has the most tdi clean diesel models of any brand. hurry in and get a $1,000 fuel reward card and 0.9% apr for 60 months on tdi models. money. but where the well-heeled it is no secret, the bay area is flush with young money. >> but where are the bachelors and bachelorettes? where they live may surprise you. kpix 5's don ford on the top spots where to snag a single millionaire. >> reporter: millionaires all around the city. 1800 rich singles in all according to wealth trail hill has 45 unmarried millionaires. and, look at this million dollar view from the top of the hill. what millionaire wouldn't want to live here. so, where are they? >> this neighborhood, go hang out at the coffee shop.
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you will eventually run into one. >> see any millionaires here? >> other than my dog, not a single one. >> they don't want to draw attention to themselves. >> like you? >> [laughter] not like me. >> but if you're looking to meet a millionaire who is a woman, the numbers say this is your place. brnal has 29 millionaires. it is beautiful, sunny and there is a 3-1 ratio favoring women, rich women. then, there's this. single millionaire men? no question. beautiful home, beautiful weather, beautiful people. the ratio of millionaire men to women is 2-1. twice as many men. no surprises there. the number one neighborhood with the most millionaires is a whopping 283 unmarried very rich people. didn't see that coming, did you. >> didn't think anyone in san francisco could be a
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millionaire. >> in san francisco, don ford kpix 5. >> according to the consulting firm wealth engine, here are the top three spots in the city where you could potentially snag a millionaire. they have more than 200 unmarried millionaires. you can check out the full list hon our website we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at
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join us, and thrive. what s t. charity hockey game among new york's finest turns into an
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all-out brawl. no word on what started yesterday's fight on the ice. the fans cheered wildly at -- as police and firefighters cruise their fist. at one point, nearly all the players on both sides were punching each other. after a 25 minute delay to stop the fighting, the nypd went on to win. tempers. >> tempers. hopefully, no fighting in this next game. stay with us. coming up next, the kentucky wildcats take on the huskies for the title right here on kpix 5. go to our website to get the final point total on your bract. >> my brackets is on the other side of the planet right now, too, it is so far down. >> mine, too. >> kentucky versus connecticut, if they win. >> they deserve to win. >> yeah. >> absolutely. well, thank you for watching. >> remember, the latest news
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and weather always on go basketball. >> let's lets it fly. >> there's the record for peyton manning. >> chris davis, an answered prayer. >> that will do it. ballgame! >> adam scott, a life-changer. >> yes! gentlemen, here we go. >> got it! >> that never gets old. > and the fight is over! >> college basketball's greatest stage awaits. the highest combination of seeds to ever make it to monday


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